The BCCsuite is a library (written partly in C and in GNU Octave) which implements the building blocks of a data analysis pipeline which aims to detecting and estimating chirping signals in random noise. BCC has been developped initially in the context of gravitational wave detection with large-scale interferometers. However, it adresses a general question which is common to many fields like the music transcription, under-water or biological acoustics, etc.

BCCsuite is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public Licence.


Current version is freely available for download.

It can also be accessed from CVS (read-only) with viewCVS or using the anonymous account (no password is needed):

export CVS_RSH="ssh"
cvs -z3 co bcc

Note: when you later update from within the module's directory (with cvs update) you do not need the -d option anymore.

Bug report

Before you file a bug, please read through the list of current and previous bugs to determine if your bug has already been filed. If your bug does not appear in the list, compile a description of the problem including a concise reproducible example and submit a bug report. If you succeeded in identifying the problem and you have a solution, feel free to a patch to your bug report. Please, format the patch with the command

diff -c old/file.m new/file.m > patch